You may have to wait awhile.

That’s what motorists are finding when travelling around town this summer. With construction crews in full force, detour routes are popping up throughout Pelham.

Port Robinson Road, between Rice Road and Station Street remains closed to traffic for new storm and sanitary sewer system installations, replacement of the watermain system and the moving of hydro poles. It’s expected to be finished on Sept. 21.

A section of Haist Street will also be closed for several weeks as workers hurry to complete infrastructure replacement. The portion between Hwy. 20 and Canboro Road will remain closed until Aug. 28.

The main sections causing traffic backlog are where Hwy. 20 and Pelham Street meet. The section in downtown Fonthill has been under construction for the past several weeks, causing gridlock around 5 p.m. every day. With no left turns allowed onto Pelham Street, motorists head up the hill to be met by the Haist Street closure.

Most recently, work began in Fenwick with the full revitalization project underway with upgrades to the road, sidewalks and the overall beautification. It’s expected to be completed by Oct. 27.

Despite the detour signs posted around town, many people are upset with traffic being halted day after day. The long delays are also taking a toll on small business owners. Many business owners say they understand the need for construction, but admitted, they were concerned about customers in a town that relies on summer shoppers