It has gone better than planned.

The newest dog park in town has been receiving some great feedback from users as the Region works on ironing out concerns.

Pelham DOGs member Pam DeFazio, who led the charge in getting the park to its current Centre St. location, remains content with how the whole procedure has gone thus far.

“I have heard all good reviews from users – and every time I go or drive by, there is always someone there using it.”

She says the Region has kept close ties with the organization, working on a policy of what gets posted on whiteboards at the park, advertising where the park is located, and also the potential construction of a new inclosed space with the park.

“From talking to users, I have realized that an additional third area to the park would be appreciated for dogs with special needs and their owners,” Defazio said. “There is space beyond the large dog area to do this, so the Region is keeping it in their scope for a future addition.”

Fundraising efforts are now complete from Pelham DOGS, which raised $10,000 towards the project, but she says they’re always willing to help if improvements are ever needed.

DeFazio also says she’s grateful for the community support in making such a wonderful retreat for their furry friends.