Dressed in spectacular attire, the residents at Woodlands of Sunset prepared themselves for the first Hollywoodland award ceremony.

The awards, to honour those who participated and acted in the Niagara Region video on what to expect when entering one of their homes, were presented in an Oscar format, with golden statues being handed out to those nominated.

Ola Demers, one of those nominated Friday afternoon, says the event was a great way to get residents moving around and create some excitement at the home. Demers, a member of the family council, as her husband lives at Woodlands of Sunset, said the work council does to incorporate residents into project like these are essential.

“These events really show how administration, the family council and the residents council work together hand-in-hand on a regular basis to make everyone’s stay here as pleasant as possible,” Roman Kruczynski, president of the family council stated.

There are challenges, however. Dealing with seniors means incorporating activities to keep the mind going, which can be a challenge with so many residents diagnosed with Alzheimer and dementia.

“This facility has around 75 per cent of people having some form of it so it takes that extra bit of care to keep the routine going,” Kruczynski said. “It’s so important we have these festivities of such a grand scale because often as years pass, it’s harder to get the residents excited.”

They’re hoping to continue exciting events such as these to not only showcase what the Region’s providing to seniors, but also for the seniors themselves.

“All the events originate with people interested in their family members and the staff. Today you saw them enjoying the day and getting the blood pumping with all the excitement swirling around the award ceremony so they all left with an award or a smile.”