According to an article in The Voice of Pelham, on August 27th, a recommendation went to Town Council on September 2nd regarding the removal of Town councillors on advisory committees. I am assuming that the decision included a reduction in remuneration paid to councillors coinciding with their reduced workload.

Tara Druzina, Pelham

Last week I read in ‘The Voice’ that the LCBO wants to ‘jazz up’ the signage outside their new building on Hwy. 20. Good luck. It would be like putting Christmas lights outside a mausoleum. In the former Soviet Union, a monstrosity of a building like this would have won an architectural award. But the real issue here is why was this building built in the first place. In Europe, the U.S., and most countries outside of Iran, alcohol is available in grocery stores. We already have such a store in the same parking lot as the LCBO – it’s called Sobeys.

Craig Gordon, Fonthill

In response to the pets missing, I live in the 600 block of Canboro Rd. We’ve heard coyote howls and yelps of pups for years. They have become hybrid now mixing with dogs and wolfs called COY. Three series have been on nature shows on television showing how they are adjusting to living with people. Some cities bothered are New York, Chicago, and Toronto as urban growth is pushing them out. Last week, we saw one run down the road at dusk and it’s not uncommon to hear killing sounds at night. Pets are very vulnerable so our cat, who is 14-years-old, is always in by dusk.

Merelle Stirtzinger, Fenwick