Greg Mashinter feels pretty good. His band Ivy Coast is nominated in three categories for the Niagara Music Awards.
Ivy Coast is nominated for Album of the Year, New Group of the Year and Music Video of the Year with their song “Ember”.
Although it’s been less than a year since their self-titled album was released, Mashinter says time seems to have slowed down since then.
“Time goes by differently in a band. Feels like we were in the studio creating the album ages ago, but the entire experience has been really neat. Something you’ve spent months on to be recognized like this is just an honour.”
With connections to Pelham, Wainfleet, and Welland, the band is adjusting to becoming a household name in Niagara. 
Mashinter says they began playing in venues where nobody knew who they were, to now, where a following has caught on.
“We’re slowly moving up,” Mashinter, who has played in the past two Summerfests, said. 
“Venues where we went to shows as teens are now places we are starting to play at, so it’s been an amazing experience.”
Despite the nominations and show requests, they remain humble. They keep things simple with members now living further apart. 
The band continues to build up its profile by sticking with a set line-up of cities to perform in.
“During the first couple listens of the new album, people were questioning the sound we had created. Then eventually people caught on that we were offering something unique and personal to listen to and it’s all gone uphill from there.”
Mashinter, who grew up in Wainfleet, credits the small town atmosphere for what kind of a person he turned out to be – muscially and in everyday life. 
Being in a town of hard-working men and women, encourages him to be a better person while perfecting his craft.
“The entire band is made up of random pieces from all the small communities in Niagara who have come together for one goal,” Mashinter said. 
The group will have to wait and see if that goal is in reach with the Niagara Music Awards taking place on Sept. 30 at Taps Brewhouse & Grill. 
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