Mother Nature received a round of applause from competitors in the second Mudfest Challenge of the year. 
A downpour just hours before made life miserable, chilly and exciting for those who took on the six kilometre course at Bissell’s Hideaway – the second event in a few months.
“What we did in May was more of a trial run while this was intended to be our main show and Mother Nature cooperated with us perfectly,” volunteer co-coordinator Carolyn Mullin said. 
“She gave us so much rain that the obstacles didn’t even need to be adjusted on the day of the event.”
Over 120 participants climbed, crawled and ran through the slick course, with plenty of stumbles along the way. 
While some went at their own pace, others challenged each other for pride in an event to raise money for Pelham Cares Home for Good Capital Campaign.
“What we heard from competitors in May was that they wanted more obstacles and more mud,” Mullin said. 
“The response from those who’ve finished the Mudfest Challenge today have been nothing but positive so we’ll aim to have something similar in the Spring.
Although it was the second challenge of the year, volunteers saw an increase of newcomers, including Jan Reid and Janice Durand. 
The two began training over a year ago with the intent to enter one of the  rugged-terrain-style courses. The pair and their team finished the course, crossing off another item on their bucket list.
“This is something the two of us decided to do and it was truly amazing as we never imagined doing something like this,” Reid said. 
“The course was definitely a slip-and-slide style with all the rain but that just added another aspect of excitement to the day.”
Durand and Reid both said they were hesitant with all the heights, climbing hydro poles and roping up a steep hill, but enjoyed every minute spent trucking through the mud.
“The hardest part of it was to actually do it,” Durand said. “The obstacles were challenging but to have the confidence and the nerve to actually sign-up and do it, is amazing for us.” 
Durand thought the idea of helping others while playing in the mud was the perfect mix.
“It’s nice to give back to people who aren’t as fortunate as we are. To be able to help out while having fun and being healthy just makes for an overall perfect experience that everyone should try at least once.”
For those who missed their chance this year, they will not have to wait long, said Mullin. 
With other events happening in Niagara on the same weekend as last – including Run or Dye and the Big Move Cancer Ride – organizers are aiming to keep the annual event in May.
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