Kitcat and Maybee are your average cats.

That’s why Johanna Tito, of Niagara Spay Neuter Assistance Program Inc., has been so surprised that they’ve been calling a pet store home for the last eight months.

The 11-month-old siblings have been vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and micro-chipped after being found on the streets in Port Colborne.

“They’ve reached that age where what you see is what you get. All they want to do is curl up and cuddle with a family,” Tito said.

“The hard part now is that the two have bonded so well together and it’s often hard to find a home. People sometimes don’t often appreciate that they too can form relationships and these two have over those eight months at the store.”

The organization sees far too many similar situations happening across Niagara.

“People don’t realize how quickly the colonies multiple. You’re in the forest area and farm lands where the colonies begin and it can be dangerous for them.”

Tito says the harsh winters and potential problem of spreading of diseases are common; something that can be prevented with spaying or neutering.

“It’s such a simple solution to solve this problem but people aren’t listening. Instead of letting them go into the wild, give them to us or your local shelter to be spayed or neutered.”

With so many cats constantly passing through, the constant need for supplies are always present. The community continues to show strong support, along with the businesses in supplying litter, food and other necessities when housing a cat.

Book sales and other events help raise funds for those caught in the wild as the price can quickly add up.

“What we make in a year all goes towards cats. We spend nearly $400 on a cat, including their vaccinations and a micro-chip.”

Tito says the biggest need at the moment continues to be finding Maybee and Kitcat a loving family.

To find them that home, they will be hosting an adoption drive until Sept. 25 at the Pet Valu in downtown Fonthill where both together are $75.

If you are interested in adopting these two please email them at or head into Pet Valu to fill in an adoption application.