Our new LCBO building is a pig in desperate need of lipstick!
— Lelia Murray
I was recently driving westbound on Hwy. 20. As I was driving past what used to be Sobey’s, all I could see was “A Liquor Store”. I said to myself that this building completely blocks out the Sobey’s store until you have driven past it.
I think the placement of the new LCBO could have been situated a bit better or perhaps could have been a bit smaller. A town of 15,000 does not need a monstrosity of a liquor store. Not sure what the Sobey’s corporate people were thinking if they had any say as to the placement of the new LCBO. 
I think it was time for a new LCBO in Peham. The present store is dated, but I found it a bit unfortunate that its location will divert some of Sobey’s’ business. I like Sobey’s in Pelham and do not want it to fail at the expense of an LCBO which will do fine wherever it’s located.
— Carlo Meceli
Institutional eye sore from Hwy. 20. It looks like a prison. Too bad we approve something that looks like this and spend money improving other areas of town.
— David Shirton
It’s too large, too close to the street obstructs view, too much in your face “turn here buy alcohol from the government!” 
There was controversy in the town about a large sign on a convenience store a few years ago, we’ll this is a monstrosity compared to that! Can’t we control how the town looks? In a town so green and full if vegetation like Pelham, can’t we have trees first in front with a dignified sign saying what businesses lie behind?
— Jim Stokes
Although I believe Fonthill needed a new and fresh liquor store, I am jumping at the chance to offer my opinion of the new LCBO building probably because every time I drive by it I think the same thing about it. That would be the following: it is too big, too square, too high, and too close to the road. You can’t see around it, it looms over the road beside you… it is simply a giant visual eyesore for this small town. I hope the inside of the store makes up for what can’t be changed on the outside. We are stuck with it forever.
— Joanne Hancock