Peace Park Dental and the Pelham Pirates are teaming up to remind athletes to protect their teeth.
The event will provide an opportunity for those who may be looking to get a custom fitted sportsguard for the upcoming hockey season with the proceeds heading back into the minor hockey system.
“Ten per cent of dental injuries are sports related and they can be completely be preventative by wearing a sportsguard,” Dr. Nabil Malak says. “It’s cheap to make and prevention is always better than treatment.”
Malak says the injuries are not just in hockey. Racquet sports and others come in with the same kind of mouth injuries. Some even the result of video game mishaps. 
Mouth guards go further than just protecting teeth.
Wearing a mouth guard is an important precaution for athletes of all ages and abilities, helping to protect against chipped or broken teeth, root and bone damage, and tooth loss. 
Mouth guards safeguard against serious injuries such as jaw fracture, cerebral hemorrhage, concussion and neck injuries by helping to avoid situations where the lower jaw jams into the upper jaw. 
By keeping soft tissue in the oral cavity away from the teeth, mouth guards help prevent cutting and bruising of the lips, tongue and cheeks, especially for athletes who wear orthodontic appliances.
Malak says many choose to go without protection due to improper fitting or trouble breathing while the mouth piece is in. The process at Peace Park Dental creates the perfect fit to allow sport and safety to co-exist.
“Look how much kids are spending on hockey equipment, when something like this only costs $25,” RDH Leah Ugulini said. “It could end up being the most expensive sports injury so we wanted to promote teeth safety and our new junior hockey team.”  
Those interested in getting a sportsguard can call the dentist office to book an appointment for the day. The event runs from 10 to 2 p.m. on Sept. 28. 
Those interested in getting a custom fitted sportsgaurd are asked to call for an appointment time for that day. The cost is $25 with the proceeds heading towards the Pelham Panthers PeeWee rep team.