With the cutting of a fire hose, North Pelham’s newest fire station opened its bay doors for good.
The building, which has two offices, training room, commercial kitchen, accessible male and female washrooms and showers, mezzanine storage area and covered porch, provide a state-of-the-art facility for the hardworking volunteers in the community.
For firefighting equipment, the new garage will hold the station’s pumper and rescue trucks as well as its all terrain vehicle and trailer, used for rescues in Short Hills.
“We’re very excited to be here to open such a lovely facility to serve our community,” Mayor Dave Augustyn said Saturday at 2355 Cream St. in North Pelham.
“We’ve kept pace with upgrading equipment including tankers and off-terrain vehicles, but we didn’t keep pace with the facilities.
“The previous location was too small, it didn’t fit the equipment, and often we had trouble keeping Mother Nature out.”
Augustyn says the process for the build started several years ago and was helped along by Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP Tim Hudak.
The Town faced an issue regarding building on the Greenbelt. The province were against Pelham building a municipal building in the area of Shorthills so planners found a loophole by building on a location zoned for trucking.
The new station will be a focal point of rescue operations in the park.
With a trailer, the off-terrain vehicle can quickly move in to assist in rescuing trapped or injured hikers along the trail.
The firefighters are impressed with the new station. Clean, spacious and easier to respond to calls are just some of the comments made at the opening.
It is something they can call a second home during the sporadic work hours.
“This opening is much more than a building or a structure,” Auguystn said. “It’s about decades of dedication and service from members of the fire service to protect each and everyone of you. Starting today and for many years to come, this building will symbolize our ongoing service to better serve the community.”
Short Hills Fire and Rescue volunteers  protect northern Pelham.