Mixed mayoral matchups: Last week’s results and this week’s questions

Last week we asked you to choose among five theoretical mayoral candidates (no one has yet declared) and vote as if the election were being held now, assuming that current Mayor Dave Augustyn was not a candidate. There was also a write-in option.

As of the poll’s closing on Monday afternoon, a total of 154 votes had been cast. The clear winner was former Town Councillor Marvin Junkin, taking nearly two-thirds of the total with 79 votes.

A distant second was Fonthill Sobeys owner and community volunteer Ron Kore, with 25 votes. Former councillors Malcolm Allen and Sharon Cook came in at 17 and 12 votes respectively. Sitting Councillor Richard Rybiak earned 5 votes.

Four respondents seemed not to get the memo and wrote in various spellings of “Augustyn.”

Other write-ins included “A boot,” Uwe Brandt, Matt Holmwood, Mike Hunt (don’t overthink that one), Brian Baty, “Larry,” and, “Sfghg.”

To prevent the stacking of decks, multiple-voting was, in theory, prevented through the use of cookies and IP address matching.

Now that we’ve more-or-less gotten the hang of our new polling capabilities, this week’s questions are follow-ups. We take the top finishers from last week and match them against the incumbent. So have at it, voters! Make your choices below.


This poll is now closed.  Look for results in this week’s edition of the Voice.