Caroline Medwell, Executive Director of the Ontario Community Newspapers Association has released the following statement in response to the Town of Pelham’s current refusal to respond to Voice questions, and its trashing of Voice newspapers in Town Hall. The statement reads:

The Ontario Community Newspapers Association is a not-for-profit association of more than 250 community newspapers throughout Ontario, established in 1950.

The OCNA represents only those community newspapers that meet strict criteria, including requirements to focus on local news, provide open opportunities to communicate with the editor, and to uphold the commitment that “the publication of the community newspaper shall be carried on in accordance with the highest ideals, ethics and traditions of the newspaper profession….”

The Voice of Pelham is a member of the Ontario Community Newspapers Association, and an award-winning publication.

The OCNA is clearly a “relevant organization” that upholds crucial journalistic standards and ethics as cited by the Town of Pelham. Each of our members plays an important role in providing the news and information needed in a democratic society.