John Hinds, President and CEO of News Media Canada, has released a statement in response to the Town of Pelham’s current refusal to respond to Voice questions, and its trashing of Voice newspapers in Town Hall. The statement reads:

News Media Canada is calling upon the Mayor and Council of Pelham to cease its actions against the local newspaper, The Voice of Pelham.

The association is deeply concerned that the actions taken by the municipality are counter to fundamental principles of democratic accountability and have no place in Canada in 2018.

One of the key principles of a free and democratic society is that of the press to hold governments accountable. We believe that the actions taken by the municipality infringe upon that right and are preventing the newspaper from doing its job, which is to inform the public.

We would ask that the municipality live up to its legal obligations and allow The Voice of Pelham to fulfill its responsibilities to its readers and to local residents.

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