Saturday afternoon at Summerfest. VOICE PHOTO



With temperatures in the mid 30s, and the humidex in the low 40s, Saturday afternoon at Summerfest felt less like a party and more like an endurance contest.

While a few hundred visitors roamed Pelham Street, turnout looked far reduced from last year’s Saturday crowds, which were also boosted by a surprise visit by then recently elected Premier Doug Ford.

The Voice counted 53 vendors between Highway 20 and College Street, a number of them seemingly unlikely candidates for a summer street party, including banks, real estate companies, and the Ontario Energy Board.

In the photos below, Pelham Mayor Marvin Junkin asked whether he could put Safari Niagara’s royal python around his neck, and was advised by handler Melissa McArthur that doing so might bring a premature end to his term of office. The snake’s name was Monty. (Think about it.)

The beer business was a little slow for the Fonthill Lions, while the Fenwick Lions sold a few more tickets for their ’71 Chevelle raffle, coming in September.

A young fan is suitably spellbound by magic under the Bandshell, while Kylie VanTwel shows a Pelham firefighter how it’s done as parents Dustin and Karissa look on.