Work began last week to replace the Poth Street culverts, closed two years ago. VOICE PHOTO



The long-awaited Poth Street culvert replacement is underway.

Given the green light to proceed, contractor Bill Duffin was on site last week, installing sheet pilings to redirect water flow around the work. Two existing culverts will be replaced with three longer, narrower culverts.

Plans showing the new culverts’ dimensions. VOICE PHOTO

Duffin’s on a tight timeline—the job is supposed to be completed by the first week of September, but the new culverts won’t ship from their London factory until next Monday. Meanwhile, Duffin says he and his crew will be on site 10 hours a day.

“Our only enemy is rain,” he says. “I’ve learned with water you let it go where it wants, I don’t argue with it.”

The 15-ton excavator pictured will be replaced by a 50-ton unit for the real work. Duffin says that nearby property owners have been supportive.

“One neighbour gave us a key to his yard to store equipment.”


Below: Video of Duffin installing sheet pilings