Outside Charles Duncan's former office. Duncan closed his practice on October 31, 2019. VOICE PHOTO

Longtime family practitioner agrees never to seek licensing again—anywhere in Canada

Dr. Charles Duncan, whose family medicine practice has been a fixture for decades at the corner of Highway 20 and Rice Road in Fonthill, has resigned from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). He has further agreed not to seek a medical license again in Ontario, or elsewhere in Canada. Duncan’s resignation is effective October 31.

Following a months-long investigation by the CPSO, the institution publicly released the terms of Duncan’s resignation on Thursday, August 22. Summarizing the document—known as an “undertaking”—the CPSO stated: “College investigations were conducted into whether Dr. Duncan engaged in professional misconduct or is incompetent in his family medicine practice. In the face of these investigations, Dr. Duncan resigned from the College and has agreed never to apply or reapply for registration as a physician in Ontario or any other jurisdiction.”

The undertaking is publicly accessible on the College’s website. Shortly after it was posted, an individual related to a woman who alleges being twice sexually assaulted by Duncan contacted the Voice to bring the document to the newspaper’s attention.

The woman herself ultimately agreed to speak on the record about her experiences with Duncan, though on condition that the newspaper withhold her name. She met with the Voice last Saturday, a short distance from her parents’ home in Fonthill. She answered all questions asked of her, and provided copies of a police report and emails which she asserted bolstered her allegations.

For simplicity, the woman will be referred to as “Jane Smith,” and hers was not the only claim made against Duncan. In fact, Smith’s involvement in the CPSO’s investigation nearly didn’t happen at all. A CPSO investigator looking into another claim against Duncan contacted Smith at the last possible moment, late last winter.

Smith answered the phone at work one day in March.

“I got this cold call from an investigator at the CPSO….My response was, ‘Is this a joke?’ It was complete disbelief.”

The investigator assured Smith that she was serious.

“She said, ‘I have been looking for you for months.’ So it was just— my mind was blown at this. This woman had been looking for me to cover all of her ends as an investigator and she found me. It felt fated.”

The investigator told Smith that this was scheduled to be her final day on the case.

“It was her last attempt to locate me before she closed the file on the complaint.”

The delay in tracking Smith down was due to a change of name. She had married and taken her husband’s family name. But ten years earlier, in her first job in the medical profession, she had been hired by Dr. Charles Duncan, under her maiden name, at his practice in Fonthill.

It was in Duncan’s office and exam rooms that she alleges the sexual advances and assaults occurred. At the time, Duncan was in his 60s. Smith was in her 20s.

The Voice tried repeatedly, through email, telephone calls, social media, and an in-person visit to his office, to obtain comment from Duncan related to his resignation, and to the allegations made by Smith. He had provided no response by press time.

From the investigator, Smith learned that the CPSO was looking into other allegations made against Duncan.

In the course of their investigation, the CPSO sought to contact all current and former staff involved with Duncan’s practice. The investigator was unaware that Smith herself had allegedly been assaulted by Duncan a decade earlier.

In fact, almost no one knew.

Following the incidents, which Smith said occurred a week apart—both happening while she was alone with Duncan—Smith told only her immediately family, and later her husband, what had transpired.

She also, a few days later, on July 6, 2009, told the Niagara Regional Police.

Smith provided the Voice with a copy of an NRPS incident report from that date, describing in detail Duncan’s alleged actions. Smith said that she filed the report for informational purposes only, and specifically told the police that she did not want to bring a criminal complaint against Duncan.

“I struggled with it for maybe a week and I chose to make a police report, an information police report…the intention behind it was to help another person, to document it, to give credence in case somebody else comes forward, and I left it, and that was it.”

And indeed that was it—for a decade.

In both the incident report and in her recollection of events when speaking with the Voice, Smith described herself as young, trusting, and initially “naive” about the nature of Duncan’s behavior towards her.

“It didn’t start out right with the assault. I was groomed for that assault. It was hand on my shoulder, friendly, stuff like that. I mean, I looked at him paternally as a trustworthy older man who would not see me in that light, you know?”

Smith started working for Duncan in October 2008, as a lab assistant, taking blood, performing ECGs and pulmonary function tests, and administering injections. It was a part-time job in the mornings. In the afternoons she would go on to a second job at a Niagara Region hospital.

In part, the 2009 police report reads, “[Smith] advised that Dr. Duncan is very affectionate with his staff and several times a week he asks her into his office and shuts the door. [Smith] stated Dr. Duncan would stand very close to her and rub her shoulders, or he would sit in his chair and rub his hand up her inner thigh. [Smith] advised that she would move away when Dr. Duncan would make sexual advances but admits that she was very naive and didn’t want to believe what he was doing was on purpose. [Smith] advised that she didn’t tell him to stop, but she did move away and leave the room. [Smith] advised that she was afraid she would lose her job if she said anything. [Smith] advised Dr. Duncan’s sexual touching was progressively getting worse over time to the point that she would go out of her way to stay away from him.”

On June 23, 2009, Smith had two moles removed at another medical facility. The next day, she asked Duncan whether he would examine the stitches and eventually remove them, saving her having to book an appointment with her family doctor.

“Because I couldn’t see—there were two stitches, one in my armpit and one in my back. And I asked him, ‘Can you just have a look at them and make sure they’re good, they’re not infected?’ I trusted him. He was older than my father.”

Smith says that she went into an exam room and lay on her side on the examination table, facing away from Duncan.

Portion of page 1 of Duncan’s undertaking to resign from the CPSO. VOICE GRAPHIC

From the 2009 incident report: “[Smith] advised she didn’t remove her shirt, she just lifted it high enough to show the stitches. [Smith] stated that Dr. Duncan stuck his hand down the front of her shirt and stated, “Oh nice.” [Smith] stated he took his hand out so fast she was still in shock with what he had just done to her. [Smith] stated he pretended it didn’t happen, and after looking at her stitches he left the room.”

Smith said she left work in a daze.

“I told my parents right the same day. I left his office, I finished at one o’clock over there, and I went straight there.”

She said both parents were upset. Her father was ready to confront Duncan immediately.

“But my mom, she was very much aware and concerned that if I took it to the CPSO, that my character could possibly be destroyed as the result of it.”

Smith said she feared being labelled a troublemaker.

“This was my first steady [medical] job and what I thought was a reputable office. I enjoyed the patients. I enjoyed what I did. And at what cost?”

Smith also wondered whether she had inadvertently sent sexual signals to Duncan, who was married with a family.

“Am I guilty? Did I smile too much? Did I laugh too much? Did I do something to give him the green light that this was okay?”

Even at the time, however, Smith said she knew that what Duncan had done was wrong, and the passage of time has strengthened this conviction.

“I know now…that this was never about me. Now I see that. Ten years ago, I didn’t have the wisdom, the understanding, the life experience to see that. I think you grow up and things that had a blurred line in your 20s are a nice straight, hard line in your 30s, right? I think that’s a universal growth.”

Two days later, Duncan, who had never emailed Smith before, did so, asking how she was feeling. Smith replied that she was fine, and would be back in the office the next day. Duncan replied, “Do I have to wait that long? Just kidding…. I will get back to work and leave you alone. Take care.”

Smith provided copies of these and other emails to the Voice, emails she said that she also gave to the CPSO.

A week after he allegedly groped Smith, Duncan asked her whether she was ready to have the stitches removed.

“He says, ‘I can come and I can take your stitch out.’ And I’m frozen. I’m frozen. Do I say, ‘No, I don’t want you to,’ in front of the receptionist, you know what I mean, and make waves, and resist? So, I walked in.”

From the 2009 incident report: “[Smith] stated she removed her shirt and held it in front of her breasts. [Smith] stated Dr. Duncan unclasped her bra, and she [held] her shirt up to her breasts and sat on the examination table. [Smith] stated when Dr. Duncan was cleaning the stitches in her [armpit] he tried to pull down her shirt and uncover her breasts. [Smith] stated she resisted and Dr. Duncan stated, “Come on, I’ve seen tons.” [Smith] stated she replied “That doesn’t matter.” [Smith] stated he removed all the stitches and when he was finished he leaned in to kiss her on the mouth. [Smith] stated she turned her head and said, “Come on Dr. Duncan.” [Smith] stated she left the office and went back to work.”

Smith said that she was “100 percent” certain that Duncan was seeking a sexual affair.

Again rattled, but also increasingly angry, Smith went home and emailed Duncan to express her feelings.

On June 30, 2009, she wrote, “Dr. Duncan, I just want you to know that I was totally not okay with what happened today when you were taking out my stitches. I realize that you are a very affectionate employer but you crossed the line today and I don’t want it to happen again. I also don’t want to talk about this at work. In fact, I don’t want to talk about this again. Please respect my feelings and my right to work in an environment where I am not apprehensive to be behind closed doors with you. See you Thursday.”

Sixteen minutes later, a 3:28 PM, Duncan replied: “I apologise if I offended you and it won’t happen again. Probably best if you don’t ask me to provide medical care for you and then we can keep our relationship totally professional. We have been kidding with each other and that has made it difficult to draw a line but will do so. Enjoy your day off.”

After again discussing her situation with her parents, Smith decided to file the police report, but not to press charges.

“We have all been conditioned to not say anything, not do anything. What if it came back and I was labeled a…. What if he says I was [trying to seduce him].”

Smith returned to work, where she said relations with Duncan were “icy” from then on. Three months later she took a full-time job in the Niagara Health System, and has not seen Duncan since.

Smith’s decision to document the incidents as a means to help other potential victims remained dormant for a decade—until the CPSO called in March. It was a call that sent her into a tailspin.

Smith said that over the ten years she’s worked in the NHS, she has received consistently positive performance reviews. She has not been subject to any unwelcome sexual advances, or other untoward behavior from colleagues or supervisors. She married, and has two children.

The call “unlocked a box,” and brought feelings she had repressed for a decade back to the surface.

The CPSO investigator asked if Smith would be willing to file a formal complaint with the College.

“I had to look back at my intention ten years ago and that was to help another person. So there was no hesitation for me, even though I would be exposed, my name would be out there, Dr. Duncan would know that I was the second complainant, they know.”

Smith said that the CPSO would not disclose to her, even in general terms, who the other complainant was.

“We’re living in a society right now where there are, I’m sure, lots of women that this has happened to. You don’t come forward, you don’t come forward, and the bravery that it took for this person to come forward. I don’t know if it was a woman, I don’t know if it was a male…an employee, a patient. I don’t know if it was a young woman, a senior woman.”

Despite agreeing to help the CPSO, Smith said that the anxiety over doing so, and the process involved, left her emotionally drained.

Investigators came to interview her at home. They requested that she show them the scars where her moles had been removed.

“[They were] there for three hours, and I had to draw my memory of the exam rooms. Where was I positioned? Where was he positioned? They took pictures of the scars of the moles that were removed, the stitches that were removed.”

Smith said that through April and May she was “a mess.”

“Just being seen by him again, you know what I mean? Not visibly seen, but I was going to come back up in his life and he was going to know it was me, which is pretty scary.”

Smith began seeing a therapist.

The CPSO kept her informed throughout, she said. Duncan steadfastly maintained that he had done nothing wrong—either with Smith, or with the other complainant. By August, the cases were set to go before a CPSO investigative committee—the equivalent of a grand jury—which would decide whether there were sufficient grounds to proceed to a full disciplinary hearing, the equivalent of a trial.

“Absolutely there was enough to move it forward to a disciplinary hearing,” said Smith. “And at that point he is found guilty of professional misconduct or he is found not guilty of professional misconduct. It’s basically a trial where I would witness, I would go on the stand and I would be cross-examined by his team of lawyers or lawyer or whatever. And I would have to be prepped and everything like that by the lawyers at the CPSO. And I was willing to do that.”

To her regret and relief, in the end Smith wouldn’t be required to do so.

On the day that the committee began its deliberations, Smith said that an attorney representing Duncan preemptively presented the “undertaking” agreement, in which Duncan—without admitting guilt or liability—voluntarily agreed to resign, and not to reapply for a medical license in any jurisdiction.

CPSO Senior Communications Advisor Shae Greenfield told the Voice that had Duncan effectively gone to trial and been found guilty, the loss of his Ontario medical license would not have prohibited him from seeking to practice elsewhere in Canada. The undertaking, however, does stop him from doing so.

“This is a more significant outcome than we would’ve been able to achieve by pursuing a contested disciplinary hearing,” said Greenfield. “I think that’s worth keeping in mind.”

Greenfield said that he was prohibited by law from revealing even the general nature of any other complaints against Duncan, or any personal details about who may have filed them.

Asked whether the two-month delay between Duncan’s agreement to resign and his actual departure was unusual, and possibly represented an ongoing risk to Duncan’s patients, Greenfield paused and seemed to want to choose his words carefully.

“What I would be able to say, is that, in general terms, the College would not allow a physician to remain in practice where there was concern, an immediate concern about the safety of the public. And, obviously, you can infer from that. But that would be the issue that I, again, under the Regulated Health Professions Act, I wouldn’t be able to speak to the specific considerations involved.”

Smith said that she was informed of the committee’s decision the same day.

“I got the call just a couple hours after by the investigator to let me know the result of it.”

The Voice has learned that Duncan has approached at least three Niagara physicians in recent weeks, asking whether they could take his patients, estimated to be “in the hundreds.” To the newspaper’s knowledge, none agreed.

Smith wasn’t surprised by the outcome, saying that CPSO investigators told her that Duncan would most likely quietly retire in the face of the evidence gathered.

She shook her head.

“But an innocent man doesn’t do that, with a 40-year practice in a small town.”

Smith said she wants the other complainant in the investigations to know that she supports them—and others who may not yet have the ability to come forward.

“My mom says to me, ‘You let that reporter know that the Jeffrey Epsteins of the world are alive and well in sleepy Fonthill.’ [But] these assaults don’t just happen to young teenage girls. We have to be aware that there are people in positions of power. It could be a woman, it could be a male. But in my experience, I was assaulted by a male in a position of power. He was a doctor, he was my boss.”

Smith pointed to a paragraph in Duncan’s undertaking, where her case and that of the other complainant are identified by numbers.

“To number 1106198, there was no way I wasn’t going to be there. I have to look back at what my intention was ten years ago and remain true to that, which was to help another person. I would love for the other complainant to know I was always going to have her back.”


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  1. He was my family dr up until my 20’s and always made to feel uncomfortable with his sexual nature of “jokeing” and saying no when I asked for a referal for a gyno for my paps.

    • OMG! He refused to refer me to a gyno too! Then I found out he wasn’t even reviewing the results
      That plus inappropriate talk and touching made me quit -yes- even in the crisis of a doctor shortage.

  2. Wow i cannot believe this he has been mr doctor since 1987 and never has he ever did any sexual intentions hes a great dr to me and my children i will stand by him as a patient

    • My brother remained a patient which angered me because I was assaulted by him as a patient. Check out rated.com and see how many of us are out there.

    • You can be an amazing Doctor, and an evil disgusting deviant at the same time. Look at police officers that are racists, but have medals and awards. Or ppl in the military that can follow orders but still be right crazy nutso.

      He is my doctor.
      Saved my life.
      But I know he is guilty.

      I don’t want to say how I know. I am having trouble dealing with all of this.

      • You obviously misread what I said.

        It is possible to be a good DOCTOR. Meaning, know the craft so to speak but, at the same time be a deviant.

        He saved my life. That happened. If I had not seen him, I wouldn’t have survived to grow older, get married, have a family.

        The way you are reacting to what I wrote is that, I shouldn’t be thankful for that. Shame on you.

        However… I understand that others have come forward, and I feel horrible for them, however, that doesn’t mean I want to scream my experiences from the roof tops. Or in this case, share with a bunch of ppl, especially when one annon is trying to make me feel bad about not wanting to share.

        What we all should also be bonding and helping each other over is… what now?

        Did you know he has abandoned everyone? All his patients have no where to go. He threw up his hands and said F it, closed his office and left.

        We are all screwed.

        I for one am unable to get to St Catherine’s or the Falls for a new Doctor. So what do WE do?

  3. This does not surprise me. In the 1970’s, I accepted a job with Niagara Region, Welfare Dept. based on a physical to be completed. Dr. Duncan had me strip to my underwear and perform exercises before him which I found very uncomfortable and why necessary. Today, it would be unacceptable. I have never forgotten it. Bastard!! If I had only known. It didn’t feel right.

  4. I also experienced inappropriateness.
    The things is – I didn’t know better. Proper gynecological procedures were NEVER talked about during Sex Ed @ school. How are young women to know? I definitely think the topic needs to revisited, and discussed about being added to our schools curriculums. No women in my life mentioned it to me. Not mom, grandma, aunt, friends… its just wasn’t talked about, it wasn’t thought about!
    We NEED to talk about it.

    I feel Dr. Duncan relied on ignorance, trust, “uncertainty” and shame.

    I questioned whether he gave me a pap test without a glove? it all happened so fast, before I knew it – it was over. do I say something? have him look at me like im a sicko!?? who do I tell? Was I SURE??
    I decided it was easiest, and best to not go back.
    I saw Dr. Duncan over 10 times in my life? I have a story for each appt… undoing your bra was something he regularly did. He played it off, then why did it feel wrong?

    Upon deciding to not go back – there have been times in my life I NEEDED to see a Dr. I couldn’t wait in the emergency room for literal hours, or in line at a walk-in clinic to possibly not be seen??
    He always saw me the day I called, (absolutely he was inappropriate with me.) I would have to psych myself up to see him – knowing what’s coming.
    That’s the “sacrifice” I had to make to get “personal” medical care, when I needed it most.

    The whole situation is disgusting. More so all the reasons he was able to get away with it for so long.
    I will be talking to my daughter about proper gynecological procedures when the time comes.

    I hope anyone reading this, will do the same for the young women in their life; they care about.

    knowledge is power. we need to start sharing it.
    Thank you for your bravery, coming forward and sharing your story. Without you, this would still be happening.

    I applaud you.

  5. It was 42yrs. ago, I was 14, when I first met Dr. Duncan. My family had recently moved to a farm in Fenwick, I developed a rash on my feet and hands and thought it may be an allergic reaction to the grasses in the fields. I went to see Dr. Duncan. He told me he would need to perform a physical, I told him I did not have a rash anywhere else, just on my feet and hands, I did not feel I needed a physical. He kept insisting. I told him I would go somewhere else. Dr. Duncan said he would just look at my feet. He came around his desk and looked at my feet and determined it was an allergic reaction to my new “Buffalo” sandals. He gave me a prescription for cream and that was that. He became my family’s doctor. When I started taking birth control I was told I would need to have regular physicals. During exams, no assistant would be present. He would ask me questions about my relationship with my boyfriend. Uncomfortable questions. Long breast exams. Always made me feel dirty and gross. Another time I blacked out at the top of our stairs and fell injuring my back. Went to Dr. Duncan for my back and the resulting headaches. He asked me to bend over as far as I could. He told me he was going to have to do a physical, I said no. He prescribed Tylenol. Turns out I suffered for a month with Meningitis. I knew another girl when I was in highschool that when her family was going to charge him for sexually touching their daughter, was told not to pursue the matter due to the fact he was a doctor and they wouldn’t win. Lots of girls said Dr. Duncan had touched them inappropriately and they just changed doctors. Has definately gone on for too long.

  6. Dr. Duncan has also being my family doctor for years and I owe him my life as well as other patients. I trust him with my life. I back him up 100%. He will be missed.

    • I’m grateful you had a possitive experience in regards to this Dr. But what you’re saying is basically tantamount to saying “that molester saved my life, so I support that molester.” Not everyone’s experience with an individual will be identical. But we need to hold people accountable for their actions against others regardless of our personal experiences with said individuals.

  7. He was my Dr. For over 46 years and has always been respectful to me. Always had his nurse in when doing internals

  8. I was one of Dr.Duncans first patients in 1974 at his first store front office .. Im still a patient and have the utmost respect for him ..shame on you “Jane Smith” whomever you are for this character assasination some 10 years down the road .. why has it taken so long

    • Woman are continually silenced because of people like YOU. How inconsiderate that you would make anyone feel ashamed for sharing their story. As women we should band together in support of one another. God forbid this would happen to your or your daughter you would want the same outcome. Think about the things you post, I’m ashamed to read this comment.. Absolutely insensitive and rude

    • I work directly with physicians everyday and I’m sorry but the CPSO only takes cases with extensive evidence serious. Shame on Jane Smith? No… Shame on the doctor that took advantage of a young female employee sexually. Imagine being in her shoes? She did say she provided the emails proving the accounts. So before you are so quick to judge. Shame on you for protecting a predator.

    • OMG woman! This is why we were afraid to come forward!
      How dare you pile shame on top of this experience.
      He can be both a molester and a good doctor. Hitler was a vegetarian….doesn’t erase his violence towards people.
      Erase your comment. Talk like that is what gives permission for these bastards.

    • Give your head a shake lady! Shame on YOU for making a comment like that. He FINALLY got caught!! Jane Smith we applaud your bravery. Clearly there are hundreds of women like you that have said their story. He didn’t hurt me as he hurt you, but his touching was very wrong. I was 18 at the time. I am now 52. All these years, all these women, makes me sick it went on for so long. We need to teach our daughters to protect themselves against men who are in authority.

  9. I had negative experiences with him as well and fortunately was able to find another doctor about 15 years ago because of this.
    I always wanted to pursue his inappropriate comments and touches but they were just on the edge of being legit and hard to prove.
    I am so glad this finally came to light.

  10. He did the same thing to me. Disgusting. He would even take my bra off, he tell me I could have the nurse but it would only be quick. So gross.

  11. How dare you, ask why it has taken so long. If you were ever in that type of situation, you would know why it’s such a difficult decision to make whether or not to come forward. Shame on you.

  12. I knew this was him when I saw the headline “Pelham Doctor.” I also experienced his inappropriate behaviours and comments when I was in my 20s, including being asked to go for dinner with him. I never thought much about it but was uncomfortable enough to switch doctors.

  13. 3 sides to every story. Dr.Ducan has been dr for over 40 yrs as well as my entire family aunts uncles parents and children with no incidence.

  14. Thanking Jane Smith. Years ago I was assaulted by Duncan in an exam room after I refused to let him do another Physical on me. I’d been having paps done yearly but the test results were never looked at. After a while,the oncology unit called me directly to let me know I had layers of abnormal cells which can only come from years of growth! How so if I’d been having them yearly? A few years later, I had to go to see a gynocologist to do surgery so I kept him for yearlies. After the surgical gyno retired I needed a new gyno.
    So after refusing to refer me to a gynocologist Duncan told me maybe I “needed something else stuck in me”, stood in front of the door when I was leaving and started putting his arms around my waist. I pushed him outta the way and left. I didn’t care if it took months to get a new doctor I wasn’t staying with this creep. I talked with my sister about this and she said to contact the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeon’s , but “it’ll be your word against his.” We’ve all seen how women who come forward are attacked like the thoughtless woman who wrote above, who tried to shame this brave witness. At the time I was going through enough stress to let this go. I never once thought his attention was unique or special to me but self preservation stopped me from coming forward. Years later I went in Ratemd.com and saw lists and lists of women of all ages complaining of inappropriate treatment.

  15. Dr. Duncan was our family doctor for many years so knew our medical histories well. This and the fact that our area had such a shortage of doctors taking new patients was the only reason my adult daughter and I continued to put up with his inappropriate behaviour. The inappropriateness definitely escalated in the past few years and as one other patient commented earlier, I also had to “psych myself up before an appointment. Comments such as “I’ll waive the fee for your medical note if you give me a hug”, “I like breasts”, closing the lab door when I was simply only there for my b-12 shot then proceeding to squeeze my knee and telling me I looked good, and blocking the doorway after my adult daughter’s appointment with him saying “I’ll let you go if you give me a hug” are all totally unacceptable.
    There shared our concerns with my husband who was also a patient, and many times considered lodging an official complaint but worried about possible backlash.
    Jane Smith, I commend you for your courage in coming forward. You speak for so many of us and I support you 100%.

  16. Some people said he was a great doctors and that these ladies are lying. Maybe he had a preference of who he touched. It is still unacceptable and sure he will give up his licence now. Apparently it is time for him to permanently retire anyway

  17. I read your story and I see myself and my story. Different Doctor who was in Fort Erie . Many women cMe forward having similar incidents with this fort Erie dr. But in court we were all treated like criminals and he got off Scott free!!!! It was horrible for all us ladies! He resigned to but he was at the age to stop anyway! He never paid for what he did! His wife at the time made hone calls to many wools i our community bribing them to come against us and many came to the court hearings and called us horrible names and one women actually hit one of the ladies in the elevator at the courthouse. Anyway.. the victims felt like criminals and the criminal left smiling! Wish we had justice!!

  18. This doctor is a predator!! As a former staff member of the NHS I had to worked almost on a daily basis with him…shortly after I divorced he began making unwanted advances with flattery, squeezing of my shoulders and standing overly close to me…he somehow obtained my phone number and called me at home wanting to go to dinner…I was taught to respect doctors in my profession…when confronted at work the next day he denied it was him ho called…had me doubting myself for a second but there was no denying his accent…I can truly understand how reporting someone in a higher position can cost you your job/profession as it is your word against “the doctor”…these things were also happening to another coworker of mine in the same situation…it’s a shame it has taken this long for the brave victims who gave us the strength to speak up with there stories…too bad too that he can just retire as he was of retirement age anyway…thank u for allowing me to vent on this site

  19. Dr Duncan has been my doctor and my families doctor since 1978. I’m sorry to hear about the women who have come forward. My experiences were very different. I felt Dr.Duncan was an excellent doctor, caring,funny and personal and compationate man. He and his office staff were always pleasant and helpful. I wish nothing but the best for the “victims”, Dr Duncan, his staff and family during this difficult time. I personally will miss you 🙁

  20. I also remember going to see him back in my 20’s (about 20 years ago). He was my boyfriend’s doctor at the time). I had an issue with my knee, so he got me in to see him. I’m also Scottish and he made a comment after he gave me the once over that I was quite a fine young lass. I thought he was just being funny, and I then started explaining the problem with my knee to him. He sat there for a minute and then asked me to take off my blouse. I was like, uh … it’s my knee, nothing under my blouse! He was like, oh okay, then just went about looking at my knee. I remember leaving there and wondering what the heck just happened??? Should I say something?? Having worked in bars and restaurants, women are somewhat “used” to these types of comments …. it was just very odd for me at the time to hear it from a professional person in his office.

  21. I left Dr. Duncan about 15 years ago after too many uncomfortable interactions. My first pap test he grabbed both my butt cheeks and pulled me down to ths bottom of the exam table because I wasnt moving fast enough. He always refused to send me to a gyno because “I was healthy” and after one too many exams that “didn’t feel right” I left him for a new doctor. I’m angry and sickened that I never spoke up. Now it is too late.

  22. For the past 32 years, my Wife and family of 3 daughters , 2 granddaughters and 2 grandsons (ages 7 to 18) have been patients of Dr.Duncan.

    Through the years we have never once had any reason to complain about Dr. Duncan’s conduct. We have always found him to be polite and professional.

    For the first 12 years, we were located in Welland, and the past 20 years we have lived in Niagara on the Lake. We still make regular visits to his office. Why make a 31km journey, you might ask? Because my wife felt comfortable with his abilities, yes you read that right, COMFORTABLE. That also goes for his staff, Brenda and Jan you have provided years of excellent service. It was with great sadness that we learned of his resignation and retirement, we can only wish him all the very best for the future in whatever pursuit he will take.

    He will be greatly missed.

    And to whoever takes his place, they have some big shoes to fill.

  23. Just reading this article brought so many emotions and heartfelt agony to so many women Dr. Duncan has abused.
    I was a patient from 1974 until December 2000. There were so many times I felt uncomfortable with the sexual innuendo and subtle sexual advances that it was hard to pinpoint at times. Like so many others the same tactics were used to prime us. Everything from unnecessary pap smears to pressing his body against mine, to hugs, undressing and the list goes on and on. Sometimes I left his office very disturbed and even questioning whether I was interpreting his advances wrongly. He did it with his offbeat humour to cover up. As his “grooming” progressed I knew it was time to leave quickly when he fondled my breast while giving me a shot! It was the final straw for me, and I was advised by another doctor to call the College of Physicians and Surgeons and report all that had been done to me. I called the number given to me and was accountable to a dear friend who made me follow up. I remember speaking to a woman by the name of Susan at CPSO who encouraged me to seek counselling and told me that if he did it to me, he has probably done it to many other women. If there were 2 or more complaints lodged with CPSO they would investigate it and call me back. They encouraged me not to press charges as I would most likely not be successful and would be very stressful. I waited many years to get a call especially after reading all the other women who made complaints to CPSO on the RateYourMD feed. How sad and disappointing that even that would not bring attention to the devious deeds of Dr. Duncan. He is a very sick man who took advantage of his position and title and now at an old age walks away with a large retirement fund and no other charges. The only consolation we see is an article in the local news shaming the man. It never made it to the larger papers as they are worded as allegations. Shame to all who support this evil man and my heartfelt concern to all he has impacted with his selfish actions.

    • You and all the other women accusing Dr. Duncan of Sexual misconduct ought to be ashamed! That man’s been my Doctor for 22 years, and never once! Have I had reason to doubt his professionalism. He’s served his community for 50 years, and saved countless lives, and a few man haters, ruin his life with their vindictive erroneous accusations. I’m utterly appalled! And feel sorry for that man! He’s in his 70’s and still serving his community. I hope he enjoys his hard earned retirement and puts these filthy accusations behind him. 99% of his patients love him and will miss him dearly. Shame on the rest of you!

  24. I don’t believe this for a minute! Dr. Duncan has been my family Doctor since I was 7 years old. He’s always treated me with kindness, understanding and respect. Brenda and Jan have always been wonderful too. I’ll miss Dr. Duncan dearly and I hope he finds happiness in his retirement, he’s earned it.

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