The Town of Pelham's Tice Road operations centre. GOOGLE IMAGE



In a vote held Friday, Sept. 20, and counted on Monday, Sept. 23, the Town of Pelham’s Public Works staff has elected to unionize through the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

The vote was 16-5 in favour. Most of the affected staff are based at the Town’s Tice Road operations centre.

Speaking not for attribution, one Town official expressed surprise that the result was so lopsided. Expectations inside Town Hall saw the vote going either way.

“The workers voted as they saw fit, and the Town will have to deal with the new reality,” said Mayor Marvin Junkin. “I believe that all will be well.”

Town CAO David Cribbs noted that there is still a five-business-day appeal period to address any potential irregularities in the vote.

“After [this coming Friday], the normal course would be for the Labour Relations Board to certify the vote,” said Cribbs, “and soon thereafter one would anticipate the union reaching out to negotiate a collective agreement.”

Public Works Director Jason Marr declined to comment, deferring to CAO Cribbs “regarding union discussions.”