I am enclosing herewith a photo taken about 1947 of the teacher and students of the Township of Pelham’s Chantler Road School. I believe this was a one-room elementary school of eight grades.

I have this photo because some of my wife’s relatives are in it, surnames Draskovich, Bakin, and Knezic. My wife’s maiden name was Barbara Draskovich. She died in 2013. I have contacted persons I know who may be able to identify the people in this photo and I have received some names, but I have exhausted the sources I can think of.

I would like to identify all, or as many as possible, the persons appearing in it. I would very much appreciate hearing from any Voice of Pelham readers who may know the identities of anyone in the photo.

Albert R. Smith


Editor’s Note: Readers able to identify any individuals are asked to contact the Voice at (905) 892-8690, or by email at [email protected]