Charles Duncan's bail hearing took place at the Robert S. K. Welch Courthouse, in St. Catharines, on Wednesday, Nov. 6. VOICE PHOTO



After being held in custody overnight, Dr. Charles Duncan was released on bail Wednesday morning by a St. Catharines Justice of the Peace, following a video appearance from police detention in Niagara Falls.

Duncan occasionally shook his head as the Crown read details of the allegations in court, the gallery listening in silence. He was arrested on Tuesday, and charged with three counts of alleged sexual assault, and one count of sexual exploitation in separate incidents, one involving a 16-year-old girl, the other a 39-year-old woman.  A publication ban prohibits printing details of the allegations, or information likely to identify the alleged victims.

Duncan was released on $4,000 bail, under the supervision of his son, Callum. He is banned from being in the presence of children 16 or younger without a parent or other adult present. He was also instructed to have no contact with his accusers or their families.

Duncan’s next court appearance was set for Monday, Dec. 2, 9 AM, in St. Catharines.

Speaking briefly with the Voice after the bail hearing, Duncan’s solicitor, Michael DelGobbo, said that his client would plead not guilty.