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  1. Mr. Cherry’s firing was a logical consequence for bad behaviour. Mr. Cherry should use his mouth to educate people, not to discriminate against them. Cherry has a powerful tool in his voice. His voice has enhanced his well-known and popular celebrity, and his opinionated voice has netted him a rewarding job as a commentator on a popular television program seen by Canadians coast to coast. Here’s the thing. MOST Canadians need to be either educated or reminded about the history of the poppy, not just new Canadians. All non-baby boomers could use a lesson or two in the meaning and importance of the poppy. I walked through Seaway Mall last week, and I observed, including myself, only a handful of people wearing poppies. There is a need in Canada to be educated in poppy etiquette, how to wear it, when to wear it, and when not to wear it, and that’s where Cherry missed the mark. Instead of articulating nationally his negative racist sounding comments,  Don Cherry could have taken the opportunity to give a positive on-air history lesson of the importance of the poppy for Canadians on Remembrance Day. Mr. Cherry in his arrogance and ignorance missed the mark. He missed a good teaching moment for all Canadians old and new.

  2. Don Cherry is Don Cherry – plain and simple! I believe that most Canadians know that he has strong opinions on many varied subjects, and expect what he says to reflect his strong views. If someone finds his view offensive, they all have the ability to tune him out, or turn off the dial completely. He should not have been fired. Did anyone ever fire Don Rickles?? Compared to Rickles, Cherry is a saint!

  3. As an American, I can tell you Don Cherry has been the best goodwill ambassador Canada could ever hope for. He’s one of my favorite people. He has been a champion for organ and tissue donations, fallen law enforcement officers and their families, Canada’s military veterans and many other worthwhile causes. The first I ever heard about WOMEN’S hockey and SLEDGE hockey was Don Cherry celebrating those important sports. Don Cherry is also a dog’s best friend, donating much of his pay and time to the Humane Society. Don Cherry has always been a champion for RESCUE DOGS. Hockey great Bobby Orr says the firing of Don Cherry by Rogers Sportsnet was “disgraceful.” Orr also says Don Cherry is the most generous and caring person he knows. I CHERISH DON CHERRY, and I’ve been wearing my Don Cherry hat here in Washington state to show my support for him after he was wrongly fired by the obsessively politically correct jerks at Rogers Sportsnet.

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