Nothing to see here. By 11 AM, the doors were repaired. VOICE PHOTO



Would-be burglars were thwarted in their attempt, early last Friday morning, to steal an ATM machine from the Fonthill Legion branch, on Highway 20.

An unknown number of suspects smashed through two sets of glass doors just after 5 AM, and were apparently in the process of looping a chain around the ATM machine in the Legion’s lobby, when they were inconveniently interrupted by the arrival of a janitor a few minutes later.

Meanwhile, in response to the shattered doors, the Legion’s alarm was activated, and the alarm company alerted police, who arrived on scene at 5:30, according to a police statement.

Leaving their chain behind, the suspects fled in a dark coloured pickup truck of unknown make or model.

By the time the Voice arrived shortly after 11 AM, the glass shards were gone and new panes installed, leaving the impression that no mayhem had transpired, and might possibly have been just a tall tale told round the bar after a beer or five.

Legion President Toni McKelvie, who arrived herself at 5:30 to find two police cruisers and a crime scene, credited Peninsula Glass for their rapid response and repair of the damage.

“The police took a copy,” McKelvie said, of the building’s video security recording. She said that the ATM machine, which the Legion does not own, had been in place for five or six years without incident. She added that it was so securely anchored to the floor that removing it would be next to impossible. An attempt by the Voice to budge it went nowhere, to the bemusement of onlookers.

Bartender Darlene noted that the Legion crest on one of the destroyed door windows had seen better days, so, silver lining, a new one was coming.

No other damage was apparent, said McKelvie, who then dashed off to answer a timer in the kitchen.

The police took the chain as evidence.