From left, Leo Giovenazzo, Scott Kenyon, Sharon Smith, Anne Smelsky, Scott Ryckman, Pam Thompson, Ann Mantini, Wayne Olson, Karen Post , Robin Halliwell, Michelle Lewis. MEGAN METLER

Games continue Thursdays at Legion

On Tuesday, January 14, some $9800 was donated to seven local charitable organizations through AGCO-licensed Catch the Ace games at the Fonthill Legion.

The program committee members who put on the weekly matches are Scott Kenyon, Anne Smelsky, Sharon Smith, Scott Ryckman and Jean Lalonde.

“The Legion solicited their members and the public for names of charitable organizations in need of assistance,” said Kenyon.

The chosen organizations were Young Caregivers, Behavioural Support Niagara, Distress Center Niagara, Pelham Cares, Wellspring Niagara, Red Roof Retreat, and the Lincoln and Welland 613 Army Cadets.

At the donation event, one member from each group attended and shared their charity’s story and how the donation will help.

On behalf of Young Caregivers, Michelle Lewis shared that the money they received will go towards maintaining summer camps, counseling and transportation for youth, and young adults who are a main caregiver for a family member.

“It’s donations like this that help us continue to provide what we do for kids. [This] helps us support those kinds of activities that we provide, so thank you very much,” said Lewis.

Wayne Olsen also explained the benefit the money will make for Pelham Cares and the people that they help.

He said that with the increased cost of food, donations are extremely important in order for Pelham Cares to provide those in need with the food bank and transportation services.

Kenyon added that, “The representatives of all of the recipients spoke about the work that they do and the great need for donations such as these.”

Catch the Ace games are every Thursday from 6 to 8:30 PM at the Fonthill Legion, and all are welcome.