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At its next regular meeting, Pelham Town Council will hear from pest control experts as to what options are available to the Town, and at what cost, concerning the large-scale infestation of gypsy moths predicted to occur this spring.

One option would be to spray the entire municipality where eggs sacs have been found—both Town-owned and private property—at a cost of approximately $1 million dollars.  $150,000 was already budgeted for gypsy moth treatment, and is already reflected in Pelham property owners’ 2020 tax bills.

This leaves an additional $850,000 expense, should this option be chosen by council. Spread equally over Pelham’s approximately 7,100 property owners, this equals a charge of $119 per taxpayer, regardless of lot size.  To be conservative, we are rounding this figure up to $150.




  1. I believe the town should investigate other companies and comparison shop prices, as do other municipalities in the Region. The Town should provide this service for the taxpayers. Otherwise it is setting a fee for service type of precedent, which I think is wrong.

  2. As a professional horticulturalist, I have monitored and manually removed the eggs, caterpillars and adults as I find them for the past seven years. As a result our 4 acre wooded property has a small contained population that we can control. It is a simple practice though it requires commitment. Manual education does not appear to be part of the discussion.
    The proposed spraying though ‘organic’ will take out many species along with the gypsy moths.
    For these two reasons I am opposed to the tax expense.

  3. I am not in favor of gypsy moth spraying I have a nice organic vegetable garden and I do not want any kind of spraying around my property without my permission thank you

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