Meridian Credit Union branch, Fonthill. GOOGLE

Effective Wednesday, March 25, Meridian Credit Union’s Fonthill branch will be closed to the public until further notice out of COVID-19 concerns.

A Meridian employee told the Voice on Tuesday that customers would not be permitted to enter the branch for any reason, including to access safe deposit boxes.

In an unsigned statement emailed to customers on Tuesday evening, the credit union said, “During this unprecedented and challenging time, we are making every effort to keep our Members and employees safe. After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily close some of our branches in the coming days. This will help us protect the health of our Members and employees. Many of these employees will help in other branches or our Contact Centre to fill in for people impacted by COVID-19. We are confident that these steps will not only help keep our Members and employees safe, but will also help us to continue delivering the exceptional service Meridian is known for.”

The nearest Meridian branch to Fonthill is at 610 Niagara Street, Welland, which will remain open for now.



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