Second day of spring saw some sunshine

It’s that time of year again, when the Ontario government releases its annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure, better known as the “Sunshine List.”

The year 2019 saw 11 current or former Town of Pelham employees paid more than $100,000, including former CAO Darren Ottaway—who was fired in the first month of the year. Not included in the list is current CAO David Cribbs, who took the job in July.

In total, the 11 salaries added up to just under $1.3 million.

The heavy hitters

  • Teresa Quinlin, Treasurer (also acting CAO for part of 2019), $145,868
  • Bob Lymburner, Fire Chief, $140,856
  • Barb Wiens, Director of Community Planning and Development, $138,609
  • Nancy Bozzato, Town Clerk, $125,098
  • Jason Marr, Director of Public Works, $124,999
  • Vickie vanRavenswaay, Director of Recreation, Culture, and Wellness, $121,379
  • Mike Zimmer, Chief Building Official, $114,462
  • Darren Ottaway, former CAO (terminated Jan. 28, 2019), $107,661
  • Mike Guglielmi, IT Manager, $104,489
  • Ryan Cook, Manager, Public Works, $104,314
  • Charlotte Tunikaitis, Deputy Treasurer, $100,779

At the Regional level, Niagara’s acting CAO Ron Tripp was paid $218,867 in 2019, although he also continued his duties as Public Works Commissioner. A search for a permanent CAO is ongoing. Former CAO Carmen D’Angelo, who resigned under pressure last January, does not appear on the Sunshine List. D’Angelo reportedly had a termination clause worth around $1 million, but he sued the Region last year, claiming wrongful dismissal.

Regional Council Chair Jim Bradley was paid $132,476 in 2019. In total, 922 employees of the Regional Municipality of Niagara’s various departments, including the police, were paid more than $100,000 last year. On top of that, 355 employees of Niagara Health cracked the $100K mark.

The peninsula’s elected officials to provincial office also did well in 2019. Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff, the youngest of the group, at age 22, led the way with a public salary of $133,217. Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates made $125,874, while his fellow NDP members Jennie Stevens and Jeff Burch were paid $116,550 each.

At the top of the heap was Jeffrey Lyash, former Ontario Power Generation President and CEO, who made $938,845.