For their March 23, 2020 meeting, three councillors (on screen) participated from home. Effective immediately, all councillors will attend remotely. YOUTUBE

Voting from the comfort, and safety, of home

On March 23, 2020, Pelham Town Council amended its procedural byaw to allow for full electronic participation at council meetings during a declared emergency.

Effective immediately and until further notice, council meetings will now be convened electronically for all members except the Mayor or his designate, who acts as the meeting chair.

According to a Town statement issued Friday, April 3, council will continue their regular schedule and the procedural bylaw will guide the conduct of business during the meetings “as much as is practical.”

“Where necessary, the Clerk may conduct a recorded vote to ensure all attending members of council are properly counted.”

All electronic council meetings will be streamed live when possible, and the video recording will be posted for later viewing on the Town’s YouTube channel.

“The full agenda package will be posted for public viewing,” read the statement. “Every attempt will be made to post this by 4:30 on the Thursday prior to the scheduled meeting, in accordance with the amended procedural bylaw.”

In-person delegations will be limited only to “time-sensitive matters.” Anyone wishing to appear before council is asked to contact the Clerk for guidance.