This crocus is open for business.

Spring comes alive in Welland

Voice contributor Helen Tran got up to catch some early morning images this week in her own backyard.

Using a macro-focus (close-up) lens, Tran caught nature well on its way to waking up again, right on schedule, despite what the humans around it might be doing.

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  • A pollinating fly practices effective hand washing techniques.
  • A half-frozen dewdrop defies gravity.
  • A city of frost appears on a blade of grass. The city evaporated a few minutes after sunrise.
  • The luxurious interior of a freesia.
  • Early morning dew.
  • Water droplets on a fragrant freesia blossom.
  • Raindrops congregate on a pansy leaf.
  • Carrying its home on its back, a snail enjoys a convenient loophole in social distancing rules.
  • A daffodil prepares to bloom.
  • This crocus is open for business.
  • A spring bud slowly unfurls.