The procession pulls onto Welland Road.

Community turns out for a “gentle giant”

The Pelham Fire Department’s drive-by vigil in honour of Councillor Mike Ciolfi, who died overnight Sunday, saw a huge turnout of participants on Tuesday evening, April 14.

Starting from Fire Station #2, an estimated 300 vehicles proceeded along a route that took them to the Ciolfi family home near the intersection of Church and Sumbler, in Fenwick.

Contributor Brian Green sent in these photos. Use the arrows to proceed to the next image.


  • Firefighters began marshaling at Fire Station #2, in Fenwick, in the early evening.
  • The procession starts down the station driveway to Welland Road.
  • The procession pulls onto Welland Road.
  • Cars stretch back several blocks.
  • Headed south on Church. Trucks from Fonthill and Short Hills fire stations joined three from Fenwick, along with EMS vehicles.
  • Neighbours told the Voice that starting shortly after 8 PM, a steady stream of vehicles started passing, and was still going 40 minutes later. Mayor Marvin Junkin, and MPP Sam Oosterhoff were among those paying their respects.
  • Voice contributor Brian Green said that at least 300 vehicles stretched all the way from Sumbler and Church, to Canboro, and along Canboro all the way east to Cream Street. "Awesome night, huge turn-out. What a tribute to a gentle giant," Fire Chief Bob Lymburner said.



Mike Ciolfi, one in a million