Niagara Region Police cruiser on site, April 23. WARREN MASON

“Preliminary review” concludes inquiry not appropriate

In a statement released Friday, April 24, the Niagara Regional Police Service announced that it would not be conducting a criminal inquiry at this time related to reports that Sobeys Fonthill franchisee Ron Kore had continued to go to work, and to attend a Pelham Town Council meeting in his capacity as councillor, while exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory illness.

“Based on a preliminary review, it has been determined that a criminal inquiry is not an appropriate course of action at this time,” read the statement.

The police service never publicly disclosed who or what they were investigating. Answering a follow-up question from the Voice Friday afternoon, Const. Phil Gavin initially seemed to imply that the investigation was conducted on behalf of Niagara Public Health.

“The NRPS remains committed to working with Public Health, as required, in any matter where they require the assistance of law enforcement,” he added.

However, Gavin later emailed the Voice to request a clarification, saying that he did not intend to state that the NRPS was working at the request of Public Health.

“We commenced our own investigation independent of Niagara Public Health over apparent community concerns,” said Gavin, late Friday night.

Kore has not responded to a request for comment. Media organizations including the St. Catharines Standard, CHCH, and the CBC have reported that Kore has turned down all opportunities to comment to date.


UPDATED, Apr. 24, 11:45 PM, with clarification requested by NRPS spokesperson Phil Gavin regarding the impetus behind the inquiry.




  1. I am impressed the NRP from a prelimiary review of 24-48 hours of investigation have come to conclusion have determined
    a criminal investigation is not warranted at this time.
    That conclusion is faster thn most TV shows.
    As a taxpayer perhaps someone out there with NRP will share their conclusions with the rest of the taxpaying public how their conclusion was arrived at from their detailed 24 hour investigation

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