Flags flew at half-mast in Pelham in honour of Councillor Mike Ciolfi, who died overnight April 13, 2020. DON RICKERS

Pelham’s senior leaders answer staff questions during virtual all staff meeting

Pelham’s senior leadership team, comprised of CAO David Cribbs and department directors, met via Zoom with as many as 57 staff participants on Thursday, May 7.

The meeting, lasting over and hour and half, addressed questions by staff submitted prior to meeting. Comments, concerns, and criticisms were also welcome and addressed.

“I want to acknowledge how difficult these days are for everyone,” said Cribbs. “We’re trying to communicate effectively with you and we’re going to continue doing our best as this goes forward. We all have a role to play in health and safety.”

According to a Town statement, as Cribbs went through the list of questions, themes emerged as topics of particular interest to Town staff, most notably what types and frequency cleaning will occur post-pandemic, when Town Hall and other Town facilities will reopen, what work life will look like in the future, and how the pandemic will change corporate culture.

All members of the senior leadership team were called upon to offer thoughts and opinions on questions and comments that touched on their respective departments.

Fire Chief Bob Lymburner offered updates on the COVID-19-related numbers in Niagara, noting that the Region is doing better than many other areas of the country.

“We’re crushing the curve,” said Lymburner. “Our emergency operations centre is in partial activation and meets regularly throughout the week to discuss ongoing issues. We’re doing a great job as a whole, but remember to physical distance, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face.”

There is no definitive timeline for reopening Town Hall or other Town facilities. The main concern, said Cribbs, is making sure it’s done correctly.

“How do we reopen, and how do we reopen safely?” he said. “We’ve struck a formal committee that has begun to work on that. We don’t have all the answers right now, however we have the incline of some, and more importantly, we have a plan.”

Cribbs noted that every member of Town staff will have an opportunity to interact with their team and talk about best practices as the Town tries to find effective ways to reopen.

The virtual meeting is one of “several tactics in the Town’s communications plan surrounding COVID-19,” read the statement, keeping Town employees apprised of the various stages of emergency and what to expect as the pandemic moves forward.