A blue ribbon, signifying support for front-line workers. MEGAN METLER

As COVID-19 continues to affect lives, the community of Pelham is supporting front-line workers and first responders. These include healthcare workers and those continuing to work as part of essential services.

Blue ribbons, along with Canadian flags and messages, are being tied to trees, poles and mailboxes in solidarity with those that are out helping people during the pandemic.

Blue is the chosen colour for this act of solidarity to match the scrubs that the doctors and nurses wear.

Speaking with the Voice, Susan Kivioja shared how the blue ribbons started popping up in her community.

“We heard about people coming out and clapping at night, so we went out one evening, the neighbours started talking and the one across the street from me said that she had some blue ribbon,” said Kivioja. “It’s very hard because we can’t do much. I can’t imagine under these circumstances and I appreciate their bravery.”

Deb Foster, a neighbour of Kivioja, said that she and her neighbours have also done chalk on the sidewalks and the neighbourhood window walk to show appreciation during this difficult time.

Laura and Sarah Schaefer with the blue ribbon they put up outside their house. MEGAN METLER

“So you just try to do the little bits that you can do, right? It’s a positive show of support for the people in the front lines,” said Foster. “They are under a lot of physical pressure, emotional pressure and I think it’s important for them to know that people appreciate and respect that. And this is how we can let them know.”

For Rosemarie, a Pelham resident and retired healthcare worker, this is an important time to recognize the impact that those in the healthcare system have on a daily basis and even more so now.

“I mean to say to them even before all of this ‘Thank you for everything you do every single day,’” she said. “Absolutely a huge thank you for going in.”

It’s not just adults that are showing their support and appreciation. Piper Horton, Grade 4 student at Sacré-Coeur School in Welland, decided to make a poster for her school’s site and hang it on the front door of her home in Fenwick.

“She really understands what’s happening in the world right now, she’s trying to learn more and wants to show people that she cares,” said her mother, Charleen Horton.

Laura and Sarah Schaefer, students from Notre Dame in Welland, also put up a blue ribbon in their yard to show their gratitude as well.

Kivioja adds that it’s nice that neighbourhoods are coming together during these times and helping each other out. She said that when someone goes shopping they check in with others to see if they need something.

More blue ribbons, signs and window messages are continuing to pop up around Pelham as communities continue to face the impact of COVID-19 together.