In a statement, the Nature Conservancy of Canada announced Thursday that it will reopen the Lathrop Nature Preserve to pedestrian access as of Friday, May 22.

The Conservancy closed the site on April 17.

“All visitors to Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) properties must practice physical distancing,” read the statement.

“Please do not gather in groups larger than six people, keep two meters (6 feet) away from other individuals and have your dog on a leash. We also remind you that you are responsible for your own health and safety.”

More information about the Lathrop Nature Preserve and future restoration on the property can be found here.




  1. Can we access through any other entrance than Marlene Stewart park? Whatever happened to the access at the present Davis Heights site…did the town just close their eyes to Luchetta denying access to tax paying citizens?.a lot of people, a LOT of people in Lookout area used this access…am unhappy that Luchetta has barred this public access…any answers or explanations?…

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