The Town of Pelham, with support from the Pelham Beautification Committee, is offering friends, families, and businesses the opportunity to compete for prizes while enhancing the beauty of the Town.

Town Council voted on May 19 to call on residents to support local growers and spruce-up flower beds that would have otherwise gone unplanted this year.

Ten garden beds are available for sponsorship. Each bed is to be designed, planted, mulched, watered, weeded, and maintained throughout the summer by its respective team. The Town will water the beds once a week, on Wednesday mornings. There is no minimum or maximum dollar amount for sponsors to create their gardens. Planting can start as soon as participants are registered.

The available beds are:

  • North Pelham Gateway Sign – (1-bed) Metler @ Cream
  • Centennial Park – Flag Pole – (1-bed)
  • Old Pelham Town Hall – (3-beds)
  • Cherry Ridge Park – Park Sign (1-bed)
  • Harold Black Park – Flag Pole (1-bed)
  • Peace Park – Cenotaph (1-bed)
  • Peace Park – Park Sign (1-bed)
  • Town Hall – Rear Bed (North of Entrance door)
  • Town Hall Rear Bed (South of Entrance door)
  • Town Hall Front Beds on either side of the walkway

The assignment of beds is on a first come, first serve basis. Those wishing to participate are asked to contact Marc MacDonald, Communications and Public Relations Specialist, by email at Registrants will be directed to the Town’s website ( to view a copy of the rules and safety tips, and are required to fill out a waiver for working in municipal gardens.

According to a Town statement, participants may plant whatever they wish in the beds—with the exception of cannabis.

Each bed will have designated signage, provided by the Town, indicating the name(s) of the sponsor and any accompanying business logos. Support of local businesses is encouraged in the purchasing of materials for the beds.

Judging will take place on the Labour Day weekend, with winners announced the following week. Photos of the beds will be uploaded to the Town website as well.

“The Town of Pelham is supporting local businesses, contributing over $2,000 in prizes and promotion,” read the statement.

Prizes ranging from $50-$500 in the form of gift certificates to local businesses are at stake. First place will take home $500, second place $350, third place $250, fourth place $150, fifth place $100, and places six through ten $50 each.

Participants are expected to maintain physical distancing during work on the beds and are not permitted to have more than five people working at any given time. These guidelines, set by the Province, are subject to change based on new Provincial orders or Public Health guidelines.