According to an investigation by the Ontario Ombudsman, Pelham Town Council improperly instructed the volunteer Fonthill Bandshell Committee not to accept a donation from CannTrust, the cannabis producer in Fenwick.

The Committee says that it has no objection to accepting donations from cannabis producers.

What do you think?  Take the poll!

If offered, should the Fonthill Bandshell Committee accept donations from local cannabis producers to help cover the costs of the Committee's improvements to the Bandshell?


This poll has ended.  See results above and in this coming week’s Voice.


  1. According to your poll, over 80% of respondents would take a donation from a cannabis company but probably that same percentage doesn’t want these companies in our town!

    • Of course noone wants them it town but they are here. If we can get money out of them for community projects then why not. Council has its head up it’s arse on this!!

  2. Yes take the money they are a business just as any other. If a donation is offered for the betterment of our community what’s the problem. It’s not like they are offer to redecorate town hall. The sooner the public admits this is a legal business the better.

  3. Yes, take the $$$, but don’t be puffing across my back fence… getting children high.

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