More businesses in Wainfleet were permitted to open yesterday, June 19, as the Niagara Region entered Stage 2 of the phased provincial reopening plan.

“We’ve been waiting patiently for things to start to move forward,” said Mayor Kevin Gibson in a Township statement released Saturday, June 20. “Most people are doing what they need to do to keep safe and that’s why we are able to continue to expand services.”

The following sectors are permitted to open or expand service under Stage 2:

  • Personal and personal care services
  • Outdoor dine-in services at restaurants and bars
  • Shopping malls and centres
  • Photography studios and services
  • Film and TV production activities
  • Tour and guide services
  • Water recreational facilities
  • Outdoor recreational facilities with low contact
  • Beaches, parks & camping
  • Outdoor recreational team sports
  • Drive-in and-thru venues
  • Weddings, funerals and similar gatherings
  • Libraries
  • Community centres
  • Attractions and heritage institutions
  • Small outdoor events

Gatherings for events however, including weddings and funerals, are limited to groups of 10 participants.

According to the statement, while some municipalities such as Lincoln, Grimsby and Port Colborne opened their beaches yesterday, the remaining municipalities, including Wainfleet, expect to reopen on Friday, June 26, “once washrooms and other infrastructure arrangements have been finalized to ensure all health regulations are met and opening can be accomplished safely.”

Provincial emergency orders continue to apply until at least June 30, however, and while beaches and other venues are reopening, there is still the need for people to “behave responsibly,” according to Wainfleet Fire Chief Morgan Alcock.

“No alcohol, no fires, proper social distancing, strict hand hygiene— people should know by now what to do and we are counting on them to do the right thing,” said Alcock.

Mayor Kevin Gibson emphasized that the recent partnership between the Township, the NPCA and the NRP has been “yielding results,” with some 100 tickets issued and some dozen illegal fires extinguished, adding that despite resource shortages of their own, “the Niagara Regional Police have been out with us, where possible, and helped us to enforce when needed.”

Bylaw Enforcement Officer Mark Tardiff suggested that while summer 2020 is trending toward being a busy one in spite of the pandemic, most people are generally responsive to advice or direction from Officers.

“Most people are cordial and understand the officers are just doing their job in the interest of public safety,” Tardiff said. “We are still taking an educational approach and in most cases we seem to have found a good balance.”