At their last regular meeting, on June 15, Pelham Town Council debated what punishment Mayor Marvin Junkin should receive after the municipal Integrity Commissioner determined that he had made a number of technical violations of the Town’s Code of Conduct.

Finding that the Mayor had not acted with “nefarious” intent, the Integrity Commissioner recommended the lowest sanction possible, a letter of reprimand.

Instead, at Councillor Lisa Haun’s suggestion, council opted to add a 45-day salary penalty, valued at roughly $4000.

What’s your opinion of Junkin’s penalty?


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  1. This council should be ashamed of themselves. Enough with the petty B.S. The mayor did not act nefariously. He deserves a bonus for having to deal with incompetent, mean spirited Councillors such as Ron Kore and Lisa Haun. How can this dock in pay possibly be justified? If they are trying to save the tax payers money, they should consider having Ron Kore refund us the fee for an unnecessary investigation in the first place! Pathetic

  2. I feel at this time Ron Kore should step down. He is hurting our great town of Pelham

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