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St. Catharines City Council passed a bylaw Monday requiring owners and/or operators of enclosed public spaces to require mask use by those entering their establishments, in addition to the provision of hand sanitizer at entrances.

In a statement released Tuesday, July 14, the City said it will undertake a campaign of public education and support for operators impacted by the new requirements before bringing the bylaw fully into effect this coming Friday.

COVID-19 spreads readily in indoor spaces, especially where physical separation of two metres between individuals is not possible or difficult. With growing evidence that masks operate as a barrier preventing those with COVID-19, including asymptomatic individuals, from spreading it to others, ensuring that mask use is widely adopted will help to slow the spread of the virus while ensuring re-opening efforts continue, said the statement.

“This is about protecting our entire community and ensuring we continue to limit transmission of COVID-19. While some people may feel COVID-19 isn’t prevalent in our community and that this bylaw isn’t necessary, the reality is we can’t afford to take any steps back in fighting this virus,” said Mayor Walter Sendzik.

“The wearing of masks will be a new normal for a period of time until we can safely open our entire economy and ensure the safety of our community. We can’t afford any setbacks —socially and economically. Our community continues to rise the challenges that we are facing, and I am proud of our citizens for all of their efforts to date.”

The bylaw applies to all indoor spaces open to public, including City buildings, religious spaces and local businesses. There are some exceptions including day cares, schools, transportation, hospitals and health facilities, and provincial and federal government buildings.

There will also be certain instances where individuals will be permitted to remove their mask temporarily as required to receive services, eat or drink, receive medical care, and to participate in religious rites or ceremonies.

The bylaw provides exemptions for:

  • Children under 10 years of age
  • Persons with medical conditions which prevent them from wearing a mask, including breathing difficulties and cognitive difficulties
  • Individuals who are unable to apply or remove a mask without assistance
  • Persons with protections, including reasonable accommodations, in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code that would prevent them from wearing a mask
  • Persons assisting or accommodating another person with a hearing disability

Under the masks bylaw, operators of enclosed public spaces will be required to post signage stating the requirement of masks for entry, and develop policies surrounding implementation of requirements. Businesses must also provide hand sanitizer at entrances and exits.

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  1. I am 63years old and I still wear mask where ever I go and I have copd but I agree everyone should wear a mask because I don’t want to get this from someone else’s stupidity and I don’t want to die . this is great news ty

  2. Looks like I will not be shopping in St. Catharines. A little late folks. Not sure this bylaw would pass a legal challenge.

    • Claude, I agree… You should consider shopping south of the border. They generally don’t wear masks in most States… and to top it off, the US is virtually Covid-free! Lol

      Masks work, whether you agree with it or not. They’re intended to prevent the spread so we hopefully don’t have to lock things down again. I’d like to see the economy recover rather than continue to crumble, just for the sake of playing “tough guy” and resisting wearing a mask. It shouldn’t have to be mandated by law, but unfortunately not enough of us are concerned about those who are at a higher risk.

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