The Voice has invited each of the six candidates running in the coming Ward 1 by-election to submit a weekly campaign photo. Click through the slides below for this week’s submissions from Wally Braun, James Federico, Wayne Olson, and Steven Soos.


  • Pelham resident sculptor David Boles is momentarily distracted from his carving of a limestone work in progress by Wally Braun, left, campaigning to preserve the character of Pelham. Boles’ artwork survived the distraction. “The survival of our town’s character in light of developers’ distraction with profits is an open question,” says Braun.
  • James Federico hosted a small, socially distanced outdoor gathering with Pelham residents. Discussion ranged from how to balance the development of industries in Ward 1 and how to tackle housing affordability issues, to very specific issues like the dangerous traffic flow in Centennial Park, and the safe return of school and sports.
  • Residents Elena Simone-Simonetti and Carolyn Botari meet with Wayne Olson at his regularly scheduled Saturday meet and greet at his campaign headquarters in downtown Fenwick.
  • This week on his web show, Steven Soos, left, interviewed Dr. Haroon Akram Lodhi, who has authored five books on agriculture, food insecurity, and rural women's issues. Soos and Dr. Lodhi discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected small-scale family farms.


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