Community centre memorial stone honouring the service of Mike Ciolfi. DON RICKERS

Outside the south entrance of the Meridian Community Centre there is a newly dedicated memorial stone honouring the service and memory of Mike Ciolfi, a first-time Pelham Town Councillor elected in 2018, who passed away in April of this year.

The memorial’s purchase and dedication was a private initiative by friends of the Ciolfi family, the Bozicevics, Ciminos, and Conneys.

Councillor Mike Ciolfi. SUPPLIED PHOTO

According to a Town statement released Thursday, Oct. 29, the plaque on the stone “fittingly describes Ciolfi: strong, humble, kind, and always willing to lend a hand.” An impression of Ciolfi’s hand, taken from a glove, has been imprinted into the stone.

“Mike’s work lives on in the decisions and direction of this Council,” said Mayor Marvin Junkin. “The memorial stone at the community centre is a fitting location to remember Mike. He was passionate about recreation and wellness in this Town.”

The stone was unveiled Friday, October 23, during a small, private ceremony.

“Ciolfi’s tireless work on council and several volunteer committees highlighted his love for municipal leadership and helping those in the community,” continued the Town statement. “His impact as a family member, friend, and civil servant, and community leader cannot be overstated.”