Video still illustrating potential changes to the Steve Bauer Trail. ANDY HARRIS / YOU TUBE

It’s an eagle-eye view of the Steve Bauer Trail, meant to illustrate the potential changes that it may undergo if the Town of Pelham approves development plans now under consideration.

The five-minute video, which includes comments from trail users, was the brainchild of Pelham Tree Conservation Society member Dave Nicholson—except that Nicholson didn’t know where to find a drone pilot.

Enter PTCS organizer Mike Jones, who contacted Andy Harris, a fellow member of a different group, the Welland County Motorcycle Club, who happened to be in the drone business.

“Andy suggested that we film on January 2,” says Jones. “I was lucky to be able to get a hold of Steve Bauer that week. Steve made time on January 2, after he came back from his COVID test in Mississauga. He was flying out to France on January 4.”

Jones says the video is intended to promote “the value of the trail as it now exists,” and to increase public awareness and education about prospective changes to the facility. Current plans call for new residential development on both sides of newly paved trail, construction of which would likely result in the loss of “hundreds” of trees, according to Nicholson.

The trail, named for the champion cyclist and former Fenwick resident, was officially opened in 1994.





  1. A powerful response to the threatened trail damage to be caused by impending development!
    Good work Andy and Mike !
    Now it’s up to Council to pass John Wink’s resolution 14.2 in 3 days time.

  2. Good video but it leaves some questions. Is the planning department being asked to allow road crossings or foot path crossings? Why did we pay to have this paved when the developer(s) are asking to cut out sections of it? Wasted our money. No vehicle crossings should be allowed. Let them come up with a different plan to get the cars out. We have ugly strip malls in our town now this.

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