Pelham Town Clerk Nancy Bozzato, at Pelham Town Hall in January 2019. VOICE FILE

Nancy Bozzato will leave after 40 years municipal service

Nancy Bozzato, Pelham Clerk since 2010 and a Pelham employee since 1999, is retiring this spring after some 40 years of municipal service in Niagara.

In a Town statement released Wednesday, Feb. 10, the third-generation and lifelong Pelham resident said she was honoured to have served the residents and community she has called home for decades.

“Every day has been rewarding, and I am very proud of the work I’ve accomplished,” said Bozzato. “I’ve had the privilege of mentoring tomorrow’s leaders and bringing residents of Pelham the business of the corporation in a clear and accessible manner. It truly has been a fascinating and fulfilling career where every day presents a new opportunity. Pelham is blessed with an engaged community.”

Bozzato has run or participated in Pelham elections in 2000, 2003, 2006, 2010, 2011 (by-election), 2014, 2018, 2020 (by-election). She has assisted with recounts in sister municipalities and worked provincial and federal elections, according to the statement.

Chief Administrative Officer David Cribbs, whose employment in Pelham began in 2019, said he appreciated Bozzato’s skill and dedication.

“Nancy’s family is about to get a big win, but her work family will experience a real loss,” said Cribbs in the statement. “Nancy has an encyclopaedic knowledge of this Town, which comes from lifelong residence, a vast network of friends and acquaintances, and the key role she has performed admirably for this community.”

“The Town of Pelham will begin the recruitment process for the vacant position in the near future,” concluded the statement.