Pelham Town Council is considering granting itself the ability for councillors to vote by proxy, i.e., for councillors to give their vote to other councillors on given issues, without the need to attend council, engage in debate about the issues, nor hear any public delegations to council regarding the issues.

A Town staff report prepared on the topic, at the request of council, strongly argues against adopting such a policy, which to the Town’s knowledge is used by only one of Ontario’s 444 municipalities.

This poll has closed.

Look for results in the Feb. 24 issue of the Voice.




  1. If councillors are shunning their duties and absent for non emergency incidents or events the they should resign and let some else take the seat. proxy voting is avoidance of duty to attend meetings, start docking councillors pay for missed meetings, they assumed a duty when elected and if you can’t fufill it then get out and let someone else fill your seat at council

  2. Ron and Diane Hubbard are against proxy voting.Councillors should debate issues in person.

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