Following last week’s announcement that the Town of Pelham’s Clerk, Nancy Bozzato, was set to retire this spring, the Voice reached out for comment from some who knew her the longest, members of the previous council. (Former Councillor Richard Rybiak and former Mayor David Augustyn did not respond.)

Former Ward 2 Councillor Catherine King

Catherine King. SUPPLIED

In every sense of the word, Nancy Bozzato is truly a professional! Nancy’s wealth of knowledge and experience will leave a void in the Town but it is with certainty that she will retire with dignity and grace knowing that she prepared staff to carry the torch high.

Nancy has been a friend when support was needed and shown caring and compassion to many, many people without ever losing sight of her professional role.

She has given of herself to the betterment of the community and now it is time that she devote her love and devotion to a new life chapter and new beginnings!

Former Ward 3 Councillor John Durley

John Durley. SUPPLIED

Nancy’s professional demeanor, open and pleasant personality, high rate of efficacy, undaunted knowledge and confidence, were a credit to our municipality and contributed very positively to the success of Pelham moving forward, especially during this current, very challenging, term of council. It was truly a pleasure to have served on council with Nancy in the position of Town Clerk. Her expert guidance and willingness to lead made the Parliamentary aspect of my job as a councillor easier, rewarding and enjoyable. Her well-deserved retirement will be great for Nancy (also for her husband Brian and the Bozzato family) but will be devastating for Junkin and his council.

Former Ward 3 Councillor Peter Papp

Peter Papp. SUPPLIED

Having known and worked with Nancy Bozzato for over 40 years, there is not enough accolades that I could describe what a professional, dedicated, compassionate, committed and caring person Nancy is and will continue to be even after she leaves the Town of Pelham. Whether it was helping the E.L. Crossley marching Band, residents of Pelham, Mayor and council, conducting local elections at a superior level, her fellow staff and affiliated staff in local Niagara municipalities and the Region, she went beyond the ordinary realm of her responsibilities! She is very honest, focused and accurate in the her role as Clerk. She is an encyclopedia of municipal operations and purpose. She will be deeply missed but I know that her supportive and mentoring skills will ensure that her successor continues to maintain Nancy’s standards and respect for our municipality. To Brian and Nancy and their family, my very best and arrivederci—till we meet again! She never ever let me down.

Former Ward 2 Councillor Gary Accursi

Gary Accursi. SUPPLIED

When I learned that Nancy had decided to retire from her role as Clerk for the Town of Pelham I had very mixed emotions. On the one hand I am very happy that she has decided to take the time to smell the roses and to enjoy all the things that she and her hubby Brian have worked so hard for. Lord knows she has earned every blessing that she has.

On the other hand, I am saddened that the Town is losing one of its most knowledgeable and professional employees. During my time at the Town, I came to know Nancy as a highly professional public servant, dedicated to serving the people of the Town of Pelham. Nancy could have easily worked at any of the larger municipalities but she chose to work in “her town.” Nancy was always prepared, always knowledgeable (she never stopped taking courses) and always willing to offer gentle guidance in matters of procedure. She was well-versed in all things municipal, and while she at times came into conflict with some members of the public over things like Freedom of Information, her stand was always carefully researched and based on law not emotion.

The public may not be aware but Nancy is highly regarded as a clerk not just in Niagara but across Ontario. Pelham was truly fortunate to have had her service for so many years. In addition to fulfilling her role as Clerk, she would always volunteer to help at special events and if she wasn’t working the event she most definitely would be there to lend support.

Nancy, you have my respect and admiration and my thanks for your service and I truly wish you the best as you move into this new phase of your life. Enjoy the cottage, the quilting and the grandbabies, my friend. You earned it!


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