Police gained access to the second-story unit through a window. VOICE

Man’s son earlier apprehended at same location on unrelated arrest warrant

Responding to a welfare check request, Niagara Regional Police officers made a grim discovery last Thursday at the Spring Valley Manor apartments, at 1600 Pelham St. in Fonthill. Officers used a ladder to access a second-floor unit, entering through a window. Inside, they found the body of tenant Ronald Snoei, 60.

“At approximately 1 PM…our officers arrived on scene and were able to gain access to one of the apartment units,” NRP spokesperson Phil Gavin told the Voice. “A person was found deceased inside. Foul play is not suspected and the incident is being treated as medical in nature.”

In recent years Snoei had worked as a self-employed handyman. His advertising for “Ron’s Bathroom Renovations” occasionally appeared in the Voice.

A tenant in the building where Snoei lived, who did not want to be named, told the Voice that earlier in February police suddenly arrived one day, surrounded the building, and entered Snoei’s apartment. There they found his son, Matthew Snoei, who had been listed on the NRP’s “Niagara’s Most Wanted.”

Gavin confirmed the arrest, which occurred on Feb. 6.

“We attended to the address to locate wanted person Matthew Snoei. He was wanted for relief of surety. Our 3 District officers attended and located Snoie in a family member’s apartment. He was arrested at 4:10 PM and taken from the property at 4:19 PM.”