Hoppin’ Easter Hunt, magic show are among family-friendly attractions

Over the coming long weekend, the Town of Pelham is organizing many Easter activities for families and community members to participate in. There are socially distanced and virtual events for all ages and families.

The Hoppin’ Easter Hunt is run through the Goosechase app to provide participants with an interactive virtual hunt that is fun and safe for all Pelham residents to celebrate the holiday.

Leah Letford, Special Events and Festivals Programmer for the Town of Pelham, told the Voice that it’s a unique way to spend some time with family.

“The pandemic has changed how we’re able to spend our time together and this is a way to be part of a large project that is really community-based but from the safety of your own home and with your own family.”

The virtual Hoppin’ Easter Hunt includes outdoor activities in order to complete the missions customized to the community of Pelham. The real-time mission leaderboard encourages competition and is meant to feel like a live event.

Considering the success of the past Goosechase event—the Family Day Adventure—Letford is confident that this event will also be a hit. The past participants were a creative group she said, and this hunt is sure to get the creative juices flowing again.

Beginning on Friday, April 2, participants will begin to complete the missions being released each day by submitting photos or videos doing specific Easter-themed tasks and solving riddles or puzzles. Some missions that Letford said would be a part of it are decorating Easter eggs, participating in the Hoppin’ Colouring Contest, and an egg-and-spoon race. With the recently warm weather, many outside challenges will also be included.

Each completed mission increases the team’s points and are recorded on the leaderboard. Prizes, in the form of Pelham Bucks, will be awarded to the teams with the most points by the end of the event. Winners can choose to use Pelham Bucks at any of the participating businesses in the area. The full list can be found on the Pelham website.

Aside from the overall rewards, there are chances to win prizes through businesses or organizations that are involved with the event.

“We’ve actually partnered with some of our local community groups and local businesses, and they submitted missions to be part of this,” said Letford. (The Voice is one such participant.)

The Hoppin’ Easter Hunt begins Friday, April 2, at 8 AM and ends Monday, April 5, at 8 PM. The Town of Pelham is also holding a live Hoppin’ Magic Show on April 3, at 3 PM, aimed at families with children aged four and up. Registration is required to secure a spot in the show and those signed up will receive a downloadable magic kit to be a part of the event and will be able to learn their own trick. The event is run through Zoom with Niagara’s Scoop McCoy as the magician.

“It’s different than standard virtual programming in that it’s interactive,” said Letford. “Our magician will be working to teach them as they go.”

A Hoppin’ Easter Colouring Contest is another option for Pelham youth to take part in. There are two colouring templates: an empty Easter basket, or an Easter egg, which are available to download and print from the Pelham website. The contest closes April 5, at 8 PM, and winners will be randomly drawn on Tuesday, April 6, at 10 AM.

An additional Easter opportunity is the Hoppin’ By Bunny. Families can register for a curbside visit from the Easter Bunny to deliver a small fun item for the whole family. Letford said that there are several pre-registered times to select from and that it’s complimentary, based on availability, so first come first served.

“The Easter Bunny will come by, ring the doorbell, wave —social-distanced— and provide a little treat for the kids in that household.”

Each visit will be approximately five minutes and the bunny will be available to take socially distanced photos.

All entrants must follow public health recommendations and provincial regulations while partaking in the programs. Visit pelham.ca/easter to register or to learn more about the activities available during the holiday weekend.