A sad loss: The passing of former Pelham Town Councillor Gary Accursi last week at the comparatively young age of 72 came as a shock to many. On council from 2010 to 2018, Accursi’s influence on Town affairs was significant, as we hear on page 7 from his former colleagues. It’s no secret that Accursi was not the biggest fan of our reporting on issues related to the Town’s adventures in East Fonthill development, and on the community centre project. But in person he was always cordial with me, and with our writers. He and I sat down for an in-depth interview in the summer of 2018, when he ran for mayor. I appreciated his candour, and he agreed to go off the record a few times to clarify some points of contention, expressing as he did so that he was trusting me to keep his remarks in confidence. I did so, and will continue to do so. Without in any way diminishing the accomplishments of our current office-holder, a Mayor Accursi would not have been a bad thing either, and a significant step up from the previous administration. Over the last year and a half or so, I was happy to present Accursi’s commentary on the present council’s performance, which by and large he found wanting, particularly in its lack of cohesion. Hard to disagree with that. I last heard from him on April 8, after I’d inquired about a mysterious asterisk that had turned up on Town planning documents going on a decade old. That’s a story which remains to be told. RIP, Councillor…Power of the press or just a coincidence: Either way, it’s a success for the safe passage of pedestrians on Nursery Lane, where the Young Family identified a locust tree that was rudely dropping branches on the sidewalk, much to the Town’s inattention. Shortly after their letter to the editor appeared last week, a Town crew showed up and took care of the issue…You’ll be able to see it from space: Last week Town Council approved what one nearby resident has already dubbed the Great Wall of Pelham, namely an intended sound barrier next to a car wash that some neighbours say is overly noisy. Letters to the editor have been strongly on the side of the neighbours, despite my personally inviting car wash supporters online to get their opinions in as well. Crickets. We can’t run what we don’t receive!…Speaking of letters: Lots this week, and some left over. If badly renamed schools are a concern for you, don’t miss Vilma Moretti’s and Paul Bryant’s letters on page 14—there’s a June 18 deadline to tell the DSBN what you think…Personal Pride: Another in our Pride Month series of stories appears this week, page 3. So far we’ve heard from men in their early 50s and mid 40s, with a near-octogenarian male on deck. It would also be good to hear from some female and trans folks. Send your growing-up-LGBTQ+ stories to [email protected]Patios are open: Our Tuesday routine can’t wait, Mr. P!…As ever: Stay safe out there.