Luke Braun is back in the freshly laid eggs business. DON RICKERS

A misunderstanding made right

Luke Braun doesn’t hold any grudges. But don’t ask him to explain what a grudge is. After all, he’s only five years old.

He’s happy to see the return of his egg cart, though, which was, it appears, taken by mistake a couple of weeks back. A man driving a black pickup truck, referred to in the Voice headline as the “naughty man,” scooped it at the curb, apparently thinking that it had been left out for anyone to take, as is often the case. He returned the cart to its Effingham Street address last week, with a note saying “Sorry for the misunderstanding, The Naughty Man.”

Luke’s dad got him started in the hen-raising and egg-selling business to teach him responsibility, and impart some life lessons. It looks like the missing egg cart provided an important one: when you make a mistake, make it right. Thanks for the example, Naughty Man.