Municipalities large and small across the country are opting to cancel their Canada Day celebrations this year in reaction to the recent revelations of mass burial sites found at native residential schools. St. Catharines is likely poised to cancel their Canada Day celebrations this coming week.

Should the Town of Pelham do the same? Tell us what you think.


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  1. This is a perfect opportunity to honour the survivors of these atrocities….to let their voices be heard .We are still Canadians. We still have a colourful history. Many of our youngest Canadians were unaware of the indignities afforded to the young indigenous children before they were even born. Use this opportunity to teach our children about Canada’s history. Start at the beginning. Do not bury our heads in shame, though well we should. Accept what has been done and strive to never, ever let such HEINOUS CRIMES happen in Canada. Hold our government and our churches responsible. Make it right.

  2. I don’t think Canada Day should be cancelled as a result of discovering the graves which is very unfortunate. Everyone should wear orange in respect of those lost. But I think consideration to cancel the celebrations due to COVID is more a reason to contemplate. Is everyone double vaccinated?

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