Accused has yet to appear in court since his arrest six months ago

A lawyer for Rick Lowes briefly appeared in a Welland video court September 1 regarding four counts of sex offences laid against the Pelham business owner. Lowes was not present in person or virtually. Lawyer Mark Evans successfully moved to adjourn the matter until September 22.

Rick Lowes. FACEBOOK

This marks the sixth continuance in the case since Lowes’ arrest, with previous court proceedings occurring on April 14, May 12, June 9, July 7, and August 4.

Lowes, 65, was charged with three counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual interference with person under 16 back in March, with the story coming to light only last month. Lowes, who owns and operates the Country Corner Market, at Quaker Road and Line Avenue in Fonthill, had been released on a $2,000 bond after his arrest.

The Niagara Regional Police, which generally issues media statements soon after filing such serious charges, did not do so at the time of Lowes’ arrest. A confidential source told the Voice in August that there was a belief among some NRPS staff that the Lowes matter was deliberately kept from public and media scrutiny by the police, an assertion that a police service spokesperson told the newspaper was “categorically false.” It took the Voice multiple tries, however, to obtain an official explanation for the decision not to issue a press statement six months ago.

It is not known whether Lowes will appear in court for the September 22 return date.