The projected winner of Niagara West, incumbent Conservative Party MP Dean Allison speaks to reporters in Beamsville on election night, Sept. 20, 2021. BILL POTRECZ

CBC projects Conservative incumbent re-elected

Incumbent Conservative Member of Parliament Dean Allison is projected to win re-election, according to a CBC analysis of poll results as of 10:30 PM on election night.

Allison will return to find Parliament in much the same condition as he left it—in a Liberal government’s hands, though whether another minority or a majority government remains to be seen.

A total national vote count is not expected to be completed until later this week, when mail-in ballots are tabulated.

Niagara West incumbent Dean Allison checks poll results from the federal election Monday night in Beamsville surrounded by his family and some of his supporters.

Hosting a small group of supporters in a Beamsville restaurant, Allison and his family watched television coverage of returns as they relaxed over drinks.

“When people in the riding put their trust in you, it’s always an honour,” Allison said to a small scrum of reporters. “I never take that for granted. I realize if they put their trust in you election after election, they trust in you to raise their concerns in Ottawa.”

With 33 of 192 polls counted, Allison was holding on to a steady 50 percent of the vote, distantly trailed by Liberal candidate Ian Bingham, with 28 percent, and the NDP’s Nameer Rahman, with 11 percent.

Liberal candidate Ian Bingham followed Monday’s federal election in front of a fire in the front yard of his Grimsby home. The defence lawyer said he would not be running again if he lost. BERNIE PUCHALSKI


With files by Bill Potrecz and Bernie Puchalski.





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